Memoryman is the world's foremost authority on human memory performance. Even the MEMORYMAN comic book, the first MEMORYMAN movie and the upcoming MEMORYMAN movies are based on his world renowned memory improvement work.

Millions who have viewed the national television show MEMORYMAN have seen him memorizing a 50-digit number forwards and backwards as quickly as he hears it and remembering the names of an entire audience.

His formulation of the Creative Ability System, which is under Federal Copyright and therefore taught in no other course, is necessary for real memory improvement. It now allows anyone to possess an excellent memory and the rewards that go with it.

His memory training courses have been presented at over 25 colleges and universities, including the University of Southern California, Stanford University, Columbia University, New York University, Southern Methodist University, and the University of San Diego Law School. Memoryman is a graduate of Queens College of New York.

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