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CHAPTER 1: Introduction to the Memoryman System

You are about to learn the Memoryman System, an associative memory system so powerful that your memory for pictures will improve at least three times over its present ability. You will learn what will enable you to do the following:

Memorize 30 or 40 new vocabulary words in as little as half an hour. 
Memorize all the names of people in a crowded room as you meet them. 
Recall and present a speech without relying on written notes. 
Remember a list of things to do. 
Remember numbers. 
Generally retain knowledge longer.

You will learn how to study in the fraction of the time you now need, and learn how to take tests more successfully. The outcome will be better grades, if you are a student. No matter what your field, you will become more successful.

There are countless other ways for you to use your memory. In fact, the memory functions constantly, always processing information. The particular demands on the memory will differ depending on the situation.

We will move ahead to a practical example featured in Chapter 2 to give you an idea of how powerful memory improvement is. This chapter deals with Associations as a powerful memory tool...

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