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Chapter 2: Association

The backbone of the Memoryman System is creative association. To reiterate, an association is a creative idea whereby we make a creative connection between two separate pictures. One does not have to be naturally creative to do this. The more you practice, the more creative you will become. Memoryman has developed the Creative Ability System.

Let us first warm up our visual memory, our 'mind's eye,' without memorizing anything. Start by visualizing a tree. Keeping your eyes open, see that picture as clearly as you can. Focus and see its clarity. Add some detail, buds on a branch or perhaps some fruit growing from the tree. Keep focusing in on the tree. Remember, we are not trying to memorize this, we are merely sharpening our visual mind's eye. IMPORTANT: DO THIS WITH YOUR EYES OPEN.

Visualize one more item, this time a pony. Focus in on that image. It will get stronger as you practice using your visualizing ability. Imagine you are looking through the lens of a camera. Zoom in with your virtual lens. REMEMBER: IT IS IMPORTANT TO DO ALL MEMORIZATION TECHNIQUES WITH YOUR EYES OPEN.

Now that you have had some practice visualizing, consider the 3 stages in memory: memorization, retention, recall. Memorization is when info is taken into the brain and imprinted. Retention means maintaining this info. Recall is retrieving this info. The following is your first, in what we hope are many, memory tasks. Here is a list of items; see if you can remember them:

Boat; Orange; Lamp; Tie; Chair; Hanger; Violin; Pipe

Covering the list, see if you can recite these back in order. Don't expect to; most people cannot without training. DONE? Let's CONTINUE... I will now show you the proper way to memorize a list of items such as this. Just follow along.

As mentioned previously, everything in memory is based on questions and answers to better allow us to organize the material. Even the aforementioned list has the question, "What is on Memoryman's list?"

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