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To see this question in your mind's eye, you will need to include an image of me, Memoryman to represent the question as an image. Any person you see will stand for me. What would the answer be? Boat, because boat is the first item on the list. To memorize that answer, within your mind's eye, see a man on the left (your image of Memoryman), and on the right side see a boat. Then, using an "ing" verb, connect the picture of Memoryman with the picture of the boat. For example, Memoryman is holding a boat. Focus in on the image. You could add some movement to your association. For instance, you might see Memorymanholding three, then four boats, or having difficulty holding the boats. However you see it will be fine.

It is important, at this stage of your training, not to digress, but rather to follow the instructions carefully. Do not try to recall. Right now you are memorizing.

The next item in the list is an orange. We will make the association in our mind's eye of a boat (first list item) smashing into an orange. To maintain this picture, see it clearly and repeatedly in your mind's eye.


Now we want to put the lamp into our memory. So picture oranges being stuffed into a lamp. Picture them moving from left to right. The oranges are stuffing themselves into that lamp, over and over again. See it clearly in your mind's eye.


The action in this visualization increases your ability to maintain the picture. Now comes the tie. First see the lamp on the left, the tie on the right. The lamp is falling into a pile of ties over and over again. It might sound a little silly, but it has meaning and a function. See the lamp falling into the ties, clearly focus in as it happens over and over again. Do not try to recall yet, you are still memorizing.

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