No one can invest without first reading, complying with and agreeing to the prospectus for this investment. Prior performance is not an indication of future performance.

Memory Inc. private stock is ONLY AVAILABLE TO ACCREDITED INVESTORS for $1.00 per share until further notice. If you're interested in buying stock in Memory Inc., call 310-579-1730.

We are a private company but our goal is to go public. Memoryman Inc. was formed in 1996 and recently became a new corporation called Memory Inc. Memoryman and his staff have been teaching, performing and in the business of memory improvement for over 40 years. This includes the creation of the Memoryman comic book 25 years ago, the basis of the Memoryman movie premiering soon.

Approximately $4 million has been invested into the Memoryman business over the last 30+ years. We have many assets, including but not limited to the Memoryman trademark, the Memoryman comic book copyright, Memoryman products and the domain.

[I believe Memoryman is now worth over $700 million but this is my own opinion and caveat emptor. I have no outside facts leading me to this except my own belief that intellectual property in today's world is worth so much more than it was decades ago. I'm 70 years old now and hopefully I'll be around a little longer. However, even after I'm gone, Memoryman should make money for many more years to come. I will be adding more facts and figures about Memoryman in more detail. Let's all get together and make this successful. I can't do it alone. Bring the gift of memory to those who can or cannot afford it. Memoryman]

The Memoryman brand consists of the Memory Inc. corporation, the Memoryman Movie franchise, the character Memoryman, the Memoryman software, the website and several products such as the Memoryman Mix. The Memoryman business model is to offer free memberships with limited access to the content and then offer the option to upgrade to paid memberships with greater access.

We've set a goal to achieve a membership level of over 10 million members worldwide over the next year. We currently offer annual and eternal memberships as well as monthly subscriptions. There are over 7 billion people in the world and every one of them could benefit from an online memory improvement membership.

Consider signing up for a free trial membership by clicking here. There is also much, much more, all easily accessible online, such as the full Memoryman course which includes an 8 hour audio course, a text, a study guide and 12 manuals.

Investors can purchase stock for themselves or to bring the gift of memory to children and others that are less fortunate.

Learn more about how to buy and sell private stock on these and other private stock exchanges.

See how the power of Memoryman's memory improvement system guaranteed the success of the 3 children to correctly recall the names of 10 presidents.

The feature film Memoryman is an exciting superhero movie, expected to premiere soon. The Memoryman entertainment franchise subsidiary will feature animation, novelizations, the Memoryman game, the Memoryman toys and the Memoryman theme park ride. The educational franchise subsidiary features courses, video games and other educational material.

Remembering is the essence of everything in regards to education. A good memory improves your ability to pass tests, remember what works and live a successful life.

Enjoy the song and experience the pleasure of helping children all over the world.

Sincerely yours,

The Memoryman Team


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