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Listen to the wonderful Memoryman song and follow along with the inspiring lyrics. Then give your Gift of Memory to children and those less fortunate than yourself. Your Gift of Memory will be greatly appreciated and help people to be more successful in life.

Words & Music by Smokey Miles

There is a gift in every mind, it is simple yet hard to define
The gift of memory sets our hearts and souls free, it is the key to unlock our destiny.

     Memoryman, Memoryman, brings the joy of memory to every land
     Children everywhere, now can see their horizons expand with memory.
     Memoryman, Memoryman
     Memoryman, Memoryman.

Fleeting images from long ago, so many things we used to know
At each moment in time our minds are sublime, but why are some memories hard to find?


   BRIDGE 1:
     At every moment things happen, the pace of living is fast
     Crisp, clear scenes of pictures it seems will make our memories last.


   BRIDGE 2:
     At every moment life brings treasures we remember or we forget
     Precious memories beyond measure are the best things we can get.

Children are born and children grow, they're all grown up before we know
Help them to remember, keep alive the embers of the flickering memories that come and go.


© 2010 Meson Music BMI

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